“A sometimes hilarious, often disturbing and always engrossing slice of documentary history.”
– John Leonard, The New York Times

“Completely Facinating”
Chicago Tribune

“Journalism at its best.”
Boston Globe

“A nearly blow-by-blow account of the principal moments in the proceedings, which are both entertaining and sobering. “
– Kirkus Reviews

A documentary of courtroom confrontations

from one of the most incredible trials in American history

The Trial of the Chicago 7: The Official Transcript is the authentic record of what happened and what was said at this notorious and historic trial.  The 384-page book includes a foreword by Aaron Sorkin, post-trial biographies of the principal participants, and those portions of the 22,000-page transcript which not only highlight the trial but also typify it.

The factual descriptions are there, but so is the outrage, the philosophy and humor.  All of the dialogue is the verbatim language of the participants in the trial; none of the words were changed.

It is being published concurrently with the release of Aaron Sorkin’s star-studded movie, The Trial of the Chicago 7.  The movie – which is terrific – is somewhat fictionalized; the book is not.

Downloadable Audiobook

The courtroom’s electrifying proceedings come thrillingly to life in this 10-hour unabridged download voiced by J.K. Simmons (Whiplash), Jeff Daniels (To Kill a Mockingbird), Chris Jackson (George Washington in Hamilton) and 18 other acclaimed actors.  This dynamic audio program captures the urgency and unpredictability of the courtroom setting, taking listeners back to a turning point in our nation’s history, the outsize personalities at the center of the struggle, and their powerful words that still resonate today.

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